SPARC’s Sun Prairie Spring Election Guide 2015

Wondering who to vote for?  Make an informed decision April 7!

Sun Prairie has some big choices this spring, and SPARC hopes our candidate forums will help you make your decision by finding out where the candidates stand on issues that matter to our community.

The election will held on April 7, 2015.  Polls are open 7am to 8pm.  You can also vote in person (absentee) at City Hall from March 23 – April 3.  Click here to find your polling place. Voter ID will NOT be required for this election.

SPARC held two forums – for school board and city council/mayoral candidates – and both are now available online for viewing!

Mayoral and City Council Candidate Forum (March 22, 2015):
Click here to follow along with the City Council/Mayoral Candidate questions.

School Board Candidate Forum (March 5, 2015):
Click here to follow along with the School Board Candidate questions.

Here are some additional resources to help you make an informed decision at the ballot box:

Wisconsin State Journal questionnaires:

Dane County League of Women Voters candidate questionnaires:

Sun Prairie Talk of the Town Debates:

  • Available online at (search “Talk of the Town” for listings)

Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce summaries


On the Referendum to change the state Constitution to change the process for electing Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (currently determined by seniority) – Question 1: “Election of chief justice. Shall section 4 (2) of article VII of the constitution be amended to direct that a chief justice of the supreme court shall be elected for a two-year term by a majority of the justices then serving on the court?”

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