Democracy Wins in Sun Prairie!

The Nov. 4 Election Day was a beautiful day for democracy in Sun Prairie!

Thought Sun Prairie might like a picture of the LOCAL election results. Voter turnout in Dane county was nearly 73% and  here in Sun Prairie, 12,915 votes were cast in the governor’s race! We had thousands of voter registrations almost ran out of ballots. The clerk literally printed extra ballots herself and we were prepared to handcount votes and only just missed having to do so!sport

In the city of Sun Prairie:
Burke 60.05% (7755 votes)
Walker 38.97% (5033 votes)

Breakdown by district:
District 1 (Colonial Club) Wds 1-5 – Burke 62.63%, Walker 36.39%
District 2 (Patrick Marsh) Wds 6-9 – Burke 60.18%, Walker 38.69%
District 3 (Library) Wds 10-14 – Burke 64.45%, Walker 34.58%
District 4 (Westside Community Bldg) Wds 15-19 – Burke 53.54%, Walker 45.59%

On the minimum wage question, 65% of Sun Prairie voted YES to raising the minimum wage to $10.10 and 34% voted NO.  On both the question of accepting federal Badger Care fund and the transportation fund question, 75% of Sun Prairie voted YES.

It was wonderful to see long lines at every polling place and to see so many people so eager to cast their votes! So nice to live in a community where so many people are so engaged, informed & involved! Once again, Sun Prairie sets a high bar for the rest of the state!

The spring elections will be just around the corner, when we’ll have opportunity to vote for the offices that matter most to our community.  Seats will be open on the school board and city council – SPARC would love to see members of our network continue to step up and run for these seats!

Local action works!



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