Sun Prairie kids deserve a good night’s sleep – here’s how WE can help!

$25 Get 'e off the floor flyerPeter Curran, Director of the Sunshine Place, is calling on Sun Prairie to match his $25 donation to help purchase $200 bed sets for Sun Prairie kids who are sleeping on the floor.  There is a shocking need for beds in our community, which are a luxury item for families living on limited incomes.
SPARC invites you to join us in trying to raise enough for a couple of beds through our group!

To participate, just send us a note ( with your pledge (of any amount) and mail your check payable to SUNSHINE PLACE to

Heather DuBois Bourenane
681 Broadway Drive
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

We’ll collect all the SPARC-group donations and submit our contributions together and try to raise at least enough for 2 beds ($400) as the SPARC team.  The community-wide goal is 100 beds.
Deadline for contributions: Feb. 28, 2014 (donations will be delivered March 1st)

Let’s do what we can to help Sun Prairie kids get a good night’s sleep so they can get to school ready to learn!

Please share this announcement widely and help spread the word!

Thank you!

Original message from Peter Curran, Director of Sunshine Place in Sun Prairie:

*Kids are sleeping on the floor in Sun Prairie*

I’m throwing down a challenge…will you please join me in helping Sunshine  Place and the high school baseball team during their bed sale – kids are sleeping on the floor everyday in Sun Prairie.

Sunshine Place has a free program that gives new twin bed sets to kids sleeping on the floor.

I’m donating $25 to Sunshine Place and hope that 7 other people can commit $25 or more also to purchase a $200 bed set.  (Last year, through my email challenge I gathered 14 beds…two teachers each gathered 5 beds…a baseball mom gathered 3 beds and a book club gathered 1 – all this collaboration lead to the community donating 68 beds, $25 at a time.  About 165 families came together to help kids.)

Sunshine Place will give out about 80 beds a year to kids.

*100 Bed Goal!*

So this year, our goal is to raise donations to purchase 100 beds for Sunshine Place!

*$25 at a time…one person, one family, one neighbor… CAN get it done.*

*Why do people need beds…*

There are many reasons a family will need a bed…they just moved here and didn’t have the resources to rent a truck to haul the big items – they take with them what fits in their trunk.  Or, they don’t have a car.  Or, they are suddenly homeless due to eviction or a domestic violence situation they must flee.  Or, their child’s bed becomes soiled or infested with bed bugs and they can’t afford to replace it.

*The Inspiration*

Lisa Wilkins, aka The Bed Lady found it in her heart to start collecting beds for children when she learned four years ago that kids were sleeping on the floor.  Her relentless desire to help kids inspired a community.

*A Bed Delivery Story*

Just before this Christmas I helped deliver beds.  One that stuck out was the delivery to a mom, toddler and middle-schooler.  When we got there, there was a mom, 6 kids and an adult male.  They lived in a hot, two bedroom apartment filled with storage bins of clothing.  They had two couches, a half inflated air bed and bunk beds with nothing on them – just frames.  The twin bed we delivered replaced the leaky air bed and would be
used by the two grade school boys.  Hopefully, the bed was a respite from a hard, uncomfortable sleep they were experiencing.

The one bed didn’t solve all of the sleeping needs – and when we left that apartment, we knew they needed another bed but didn’t have room for any more.


THANKS for listening.  We are a better community when we work together – neighbor, helping neighbors.

Let me know what questions you have.

Peter Curran

Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC)
Heather DuBois Bourenane (608)

Join our community on facebook and follow us on Twitter @PrairieAction.

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