Spring Forward! VOTE LOCAL Guide to the April 2 Election

SPARC’s VOTE LOCAL Guide to the April 2 election!


If you want to SEE the change, you have to BE the change!

There a number of crucial races on the ballot for the spring election and it’s really important to take time to vote.  Spring elections generally have very poor turnout and often come down to just a few votes so every vote counts, and we have some really critical issues at stake.  Click here to find out where you vote!

At the local level, we have competitive races in District 2 (votes at Patrick Marsh), where Andrea Gage is taking on incumbent Steve Villand, and District 4 (votes at Westside Community Bldg), where Dave Carlson faces Trish Schaefer (the Republican who ran against Gary Hebl for Assembly last fall).  You can check out their KSUN/Talk of the Town debates here: Gage & Villand —  Carlson and Schaefer.  While SPARC doesn’t officially endorse candidates, we think it’s important that you know that both Andrea and Dave are friends and members of SPARC who share our progressive goals for our community.  The mayor (John Murray) and the City Council  incumbents in Districts 3 (Council President Zach Weber) and 1 (Russ Fassbender) are all running unopposed, which makes these two seats all the more critical.  For the past two years, we’ve all been talking about how important it is to make sure the people serving at the local level reflect local values and positive action – let’s make it happen by getting to the ballot box on Tuesday!  And if you can spare an hour or two to volunteer, please do!

All 3 Sun Prairie school board incumbents are unchallenged, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  SPARC applauds the board for its recent statement in opposition to using public funds for private vouchers and in support of fair funding for public ed.

If you don’t live in District 2 or 4, though, PLEASE don’t sit this one out: the races for Supreme Court (where incumbent Pat Roggensack faces Ed Fallone) and Superintendent of Public Instruction (incumbent Tony Evers vs Republican Don Pridemore) and Circuit Court Judge (Rhonda Lanford vs Rebecca St. John) are absolutely critical.

  • Click here to watch SPARC’s community forum with the Supreme Court and Circuit Court candidates. Note that Roggensack declined our many invitations to attend our forum or provide written answers to our questions.
  • Click here for the League of Women Voters’ questionnaires for all offices (with the exception of Pridemore, who refused to complete the questionnaire).
  • Click here to check out this excellent interview by SPARC member and Dane County Board Supervisor Nick Zweifel w/ Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Evers and Sun Prairie District Administrator Dr. Tim Culver.  This is a really informative Q&A on how policy issues (like vouchers, charters, testing and more) have a local impact. The video produced some surprising backlash from our friends at the The Star – which has been particularly harsh on differing viewpoints this election cycle (The Star, as usual, has endorsed the most conservative candidates in every race on the Spring ballot). You can read the responses from SPARC members Nick Zweifel here and Heather DuBois Bourenane here.

REFERENDUM (Dane County): Should the State of Wisconsin continue to allow people to register to vote at the polls on election day?
The Dane County Executive and County Clerk support this referendum, as do most poll workers and municipal clerks. Same day voter registration provides equal and open access to participation in our government.


  • Court of Appeals Judge Paul Lundsten is unopposed on the ballot.
  • Dane County Executive Joe Parisi is also unchallenged on the Spring ballot.

See you at the ballot box on Tuesday April 2! 

Polls are open on Election Day from 7am-8pm, or you can vote early through 4pm on Friday 3/29 at City Hall!

Your friends at SPARC

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