Video: You Be the Judge!

The judicial candidate forum drew an overflow crowd at the Sun Prairie Public Library. Photo: Bryan Bliss,

If you missed our Conversation with the Candidates for Dane County Circuit Court and the Wisconsin Supreme Court, you can now watch the entire program online on SPARC’s YouTube channel! See for yourself why a standing-room crowd of regular citizens came to the Sun Prairie Public Library to talk to the candidates in these important races. Click here to view an album of photos on our facebook page.

Check out this video to learn more about the candidates and decide you deserves your vote in the April 2 election (Supreme Court primary is Feb. 19):

VIDEO: SPARC Judicial Candidate Forum

This forum was intended as a community conversation. The questions reflect the concerns of SPARC members and issues of importance to the local community. The questions were selected through a process of research and suggestions from members of the group.

Program details (click links to jump to that part of the video):

0:34 John Nichols:Why this election matters

4:09 Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates
6:37 Attorney Vince Megna Introduction
10:59 Prof. Edward Fallone Introduction
SPARC Questions:
15:35 How are you rooted to your community? What kind of volunteer activities and organizations have you been involved in? (past and current) What professional organizations and/or specialty bars do you belong to?
21:43 What do you think is the most important decision handed down by the WI Supreme Court in the past 20 years and why?
26:36 Have you ever recused yourself from a case and can you foresee a situation in which you might have to? Please describe these situations.
31:30 What changes would you recommend to reduce the perceived influence of money contributions in our courts?
36:07 What injustices have you witnessed in or outside the courtroom and what was your response to those events?
41:02 Why should we support you as opposed to your opponent?

46:31 Dane County Circuit Court Candidates
48:46 Judge Rebecca St. John Introduction
53:20 Attorney Rhonda Lanford Introduction
SPARC questions:
58:31 What steps will you take as judge to reduce the disproportionate rates of minority incarceration in Dane County?
1:04:10 What were the most important cases you tried as a lawyer and why?
1:09:18 Please describe your most challenging experiences interacting with people who are different from you socially, economically and politically.
1:13:59 Why should we support you as opposed to your opponent?

1:18:46 Audience Question and Answer

1:50:46 John Nichols wrap-up/reflections

*Please note that Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack declined SPARC’s invitation to attend and did not respond to the opportunity to reply in writing to our questions.

Photo: John Nichols was a fantastic moderator for our event and we thank him for his generosity in joining us.

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