SPARC Digest: Sun Prairie’s Progressive News, Events & Announcements Vol. 3 Oct. 28, 2012

SPARC Digest: Your source for progressive news, events and announcements in Sun Prairie.  Volume 3: October 28, 2012


  • EARLY VOTING taking place NOW until Friday, Nov. 2 at City Hall! Save the time and hassle of long lines and vote early in person at City Hall, and use this week to help those who have trouble waiting in line or getting to the polls vote in person.  You can also register to vote at City Hall.
  • Nov. 2, ColoniALE event – fundraiser for Colonial Club featuring special “Coloniale” brewed by SPARC’s own Dane County Supervisor Nick Zweifel
  • Tues. Nov. 6: ELECTION DAY!  Polls open 7:00 am-8:00 pm throughout the state. Find out where you vote in Sun Prairie here.  Find out where you vote statewide here.
  • Nov. 11, SPARC meeting, time & location tba (probably 2pm at Al’s house). Email for details.
  • Nov. 29, SPARC NIGHT OUT! Mark your calendars for the next SPARC social event – a time to chat and unwind with local progressives and talk politics and more.  Details to follow.


  • Help needed at the polls – training this week!  Contact the City Clerk, Diane Hermann-Brown at asap if you’d like to help work at the polls – more people are still needed!  The City does pay election workers, or you can opt to donate your time.
  • Help stop student hunger: support our new School Snack Drive!  We’re still working out details on what we can/can’t donate and need to confirm this with the school district, but to jump-start the effort, we’re collecting donations of non-perishable, healthy snack items for our SCHOOL SNACK DRIVE.  You can drop off donations at SPARC meetings or the OFA office, 1632 West Main St, Sun Prairie.The Snack Drive is a SPARC initiative aimed to fight local hunger in our schools and help offset the out-of-pockets costs to local teachers who currently bring snacks for students who don’t bring one to school.  Snacks are not “covered” by the school and this is a major expense to educators (who pay on average $26/month on classroom snacks nationwide).  It’s also a hardship for struggling families and, most significantly, a negative impact on education: kids can’t focus on school when they’re focused on what they’ll eat next.  Let’s level the playing field by making sure no child goes hungry in our community!  Any food items we collect that cannot be donated to the schools will be donated to the local food bank.  Healthy snack ideas: pre-packaged and nut-free non-perishable items such as fruit cups in 100% juice, unsweetened applesauce, nut-free granola bars or fruit bars,  dried fruit, whole grain low-salt crackers or chips, rice cakes, whole grain finger-food cereals (like Cheerios), etc.
  • RUN FOR LOCAL OFFICE!  There will be open seats on the School Board, City Council, and Mayor on the Spring 2013 ballot and NOW is the time for grassroots candidates to stand up and get involved. These seats often go unchallenged in our community, and progressive candidates have never had a better support network than they do now!  If you have ever considered running and would like to talk more about it, SPARC can help! We can put you in touch with profession organizations, people who have run successfully in the past, and help explain the process of running for office.  We ask all our members and supporters to think seriously about taking their civic involvement and commitment to the next level.  Candidate materials will be due in December, so contact us ( ASAP if you want to learn more – and if you’re already thinking about running, please let us know – LOCAL ACTION WORKS!
  • SPARC is still looking for members who would be willing to serve as representatives to School Board and City Council meetings. You don’t have to speak (unless you want to, and even then you don’t have to speak on behalf of the group), but you would report back at SPARC meetings and share what you learned and how we can get involved.  We’re also happy to talk with anyone interested in running for local office.  We have MANY seats open next spring, and most of the current Council got (and stays) in office by running unopposed.  If you’re interested in either of these, send us a note or let us know at the next meeting.  As always, you’re welcome to join us! The more the merrier!

Candidates & Campaigns: A number of people have asked how to support local Assembly and other candidates, and while SPARC does not officially endorse candidates, we are happy to put you in touch with them.  Here are links to the candidates most beloved by SPARC members.  If you’d like to pass on contact info for other candidates, please let us know.

  • To support Gary Hebl (District 46) click here
  • To support Mary Arnold (District 37) click here
  • To support Scott Michalak (District 38) click here
  • To support Fred Clark (District 81) click here
  • To support Robb Kahl (District 47) click here
  • To support Melissa Sargeant (District 48), click here
  • To find out what Assembly District YOU live in, click here
  • To volunteer for the Obama/Baldwin campaigns, sign up on dashboard  and connect with the local team, or visit the OFA office at 1632 Main Street in Sun Prairie or email Stephanie Feld at
  • To support Tammy Baldwin for US Senate, click here.
  • To support Mark Pocan for Congress, click here.

Progressive NEWS of note


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Believe it or not, they’re still out there. And we need to reach them. Even more important is making sure all the *decided* voters VOTE. The cartoon is from the recall, but still funny.

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