SPARC to host Russ Feingold at Sun Prairie Public Library Thurs. Oct. 25

Feingold to Speak Thurs. in Sun Prairie on Progressive Movement and  Elections

Sun Prairie, WI — Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold will speak Thursday, Oct. 25 at a forum being held by the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Drive.  Feingold will discuss how local and national progressive movements can gain strength and how the November elections could affect that.  The town hall style forum will also allow time for local citizens to engage in conversation and ask questions.

Russ Feingold founded Progressives Unitedto give all progressives a voice in our elections, and to support candidates that will stand up to corporate influence and oppose those who blindly push the agenda of their corporate backers.”  Progressives United will not accept contributions from federal lobbyists, and it discloses all contributors, and offers free membership to anyone wishing to join.  More at

Feingold will be joined by State Rep. Gary Hebl, County Board Supervisor Nick Zweifel, and other invited local officials and candidates.  The forum is open to the public although the room capacity is limited to 150 people.

Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC) is a grassroots information and action network which supports and promotes local involvement to move Sun Prairie and Wisconsin forward.   SPARC’s website lists the following actions to fulfill its mission:

  • Campaign for programs and policies which support social justice and people’s rights
  • Encourage and support proactive local involvement
  • Promote government which serves people’s needs rather than corporate needs
  • Support political actions which preserve democratic processes and principles
  • Keep Sun Prairie informed of state and national politics and policies which affect our community
  • Provide resources for citizens to get involved
  • Maintain local visibility and an active presence in the community
  • Help local citizens find their voices and empower others to speak out
  • Build strong connections within the community and with other progressive organizations
  • Provide and maintain a local outlet for community-focused news and information free of corporate sponsorship

Click here to go to the event page.

Event is FREE and open to the public, but if you’re in a position to do so, please consider bringing a non-perishable, healthy donation to our SCHOOL SNACK DRIVE.

The Snack Drive is a brand new (and still being fine-tuned with the school district, so this is the “pilot” phase) SPARC initiative aimed to fight local hunger in our schools and help offset the out-of-pockets costs to local teachers who currently bring snacks for students who don’t bring one to school. Snacks are not “covered” by the school and this is a major expense to educators (who pay on average $26/month on classroom snacks nationwide). It’s also a hardship for struggling families and, most significantly, a negative impact on education: kids can’t focus on school when they’re focused on what they’ll eat next. Let’s level the playing field by making sure no child goes hungry in our community! Any food items we collect that cannot be donated to the schools will be donated to the local food bank. Healthy snack ideas: pre-packaged and nut-free non-perishable items such as fruit cups in 100% juice, unsweetened applesauce, nut-free granola bars or fruit bars, dried fruit, whole grain low-salt crackers or chips, rice cakes, whole grain finger-food cereals (like Cheerios), etc.


Contact:; 608 825 2518 www.SunPrairieAction.Org

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